Longines EEF Series

The Longines EEF Series is entering its third year, touring Europe in regional qualifiers before two semi-finals will decide the 10 teams for the Final.

The Series is proudly supported by Longines, our title partner and KEP Italia, our partner for safety. The events are a Nations Cup Competition that is designed to develop horses and riders through consistent exposure to quality events and team format competition, replacing the previously known Division 2 Nations Cup series.

Run across 3* and 4*, the events focus on growing the breadth and depth of talent to bring more combinations to the highest level, from all nations in Europe. The EEF strongly believes that we can help safeguard the future of the sport by providing continuous development, which the Longines EEF Series works to provid

Austria wins Longines EEF Nations Cup Final 2023 Austria wins Longines EEF Nations Cup Final 2023 - Lukasz Kowalski

How it works?

Longines EEF Series: Format and rules

The Longines EEF Series is a Nations Cup competition. The competition is in drawn order, with the first team rider for each nation jumping successively, followed by the second, and so on. Round two is repeated over the same course but in order of team standings, with the highest-placed nations starting last. There is a maximum of four riders per team, with a drop score in each round. Teams of only 3 riders must count all their rider's efforts.

Should two rounds of jumping not be enough to secure a clear victory and teams finish on the same top score, a thrilling jump-off round will take place with a nominated rider for each nation.
The Longines EEF Series builds through three rounds. During the regional qualifiers, eligible nations will score points to earn progression to the semi-finals. Europe is spilt into four regional groups, with two regional qualifiers for each group (NB in 2023, Region West will have only one qualifier). The regions are composed as follows:

Region South consists of the following NFs: ALB; BIH; BUL; CYP; GRE; ITA; MKD; MLT; ROU; SMR; SRB; TUR; UKR

Region Central consists of the following NFs: AUT; CRO; CZE; GER; HUN; LIE; NED; SLO; SUI; SVK

Region North consists of the following NFs: DEN; EST; FIN; ISL; ISR; LAT; LTU; NOR; POL; SWE

Region West consists of the following NFs: AND; BEL; ESP; FRA; GBR; IRL; LUX; MON; POR

A team must participate in the Nations Cup competitions at both RQs in its Region to earn points. Teams earn points according to their result in the respective RQs in their Region, using the following point scale:


1st 100                      6th 55
2nd 90                       7th 50
3rd 80                        8th 45
4th 70                        9th 40
5th 60                        10th 35
The points for each team are added together to establish the Region standings and the top 5 teams from each regional group will move forward to the semi-final.

At the semi-finals, it's all to play for as the top 5 from each semi-final gain progression to the Final.

Full rules for the Longines EEF Series are available here.