EEF Mission

EEF – European Equestrian Federation – is a federation of federations, a representative democracy, and is the umbrella organisation for its members, 40 national Equestrian Federations (NFs), and nine associate members.

Its objectives are, among other things, to deal with all questions relating to European Equestrianism, to promote Equestrian sport in a spirit of unity, solidarity, understanding and fair play, to safeguard the values of European Equestrianism, promote and protect ethical standards and good governance in European Equestrianism, maintain relations with all stakeholders involved in European Equestrianism, and support and safeguard its members for the overall well-being.

The EEF’s mission is to provide the platform to inspire the growth and accessibility of equestrian sport with horse welfare as the guiding principle of our progressive and transparent leadership.

(Mission statement from the EEF strategy 2022-2026)

The EEF is an organisation registered under the Belgium civil code, and is neutral, politically and religiously. Its headquarters are located in Bruxelles, Belgium. It is a continental confederation recognised by the governing body of international Equestrian sport, the FEI, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The organs through which EEF acts are the EEF Board, the EEF President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and the Secretary General.