Working Groups

There shall be a permanent EU-Committee for handling EU-matters relevant to the EEF. The mission and composition of the EU-Committee is decided by the General Assembly. Other Permanent Committees may be decided by the General Assembly. The members of Permanent Committees are elected by the General Assembly. Members of Permanent Committees are elected for a term of four years and may be elected a maximum number of three times.

Temporary Ad Hoc Working Groups may be decided by the Board or the General Assembly for particular purposes. The members of Temporary Ad Hoc Working Groups are appointed by the Board. The duration of the mandate of members of Temporary Ad Hoc Committees is decided by the Board and has to be explicitly mentioned in the nomination decision.

Representative stakeholder associations can send a representative to the meetings of the Permanent and Ad Hoc Committees/Working Groups. The meetings of the Committees/Working Groups are open. The date and place of meetings of the Committees & Working Groups will be announced on the EEF website.

  • Chair: Catherine Bonnichon de Rancourt (FRA)
  • Klaus Miesner (GER)
  • Paula Calamatta (MLT)
  • Gianluigi Giovagnoli (ITA)
  • Mark Wentein (BEL)
  • Chair: Quentin Simonet
  • Jan Devaere (BEL)
  • Chris Smith (GBR)
  • Friedrich Otto-Erley (GER)
  • Zsuzsi Mityko (HUN)
  • Franz Schiltz (LUX)
  • Ad Aarts (NED)
  • Chair: George Dimaras
  • Otto Becker (GER)
  • Henrik Ankarcrona (SWE)
  • Dorrotya Strobl (HUN)
  • Eleonora Ottaviani (IJRC)
  • Kaja Koczurowska Wawrzkiewicz (POL)
  • Edouard Couperie (FRA)

Current agenda:

  • Paris 2024 Olympic Rules, Nations Cup Division I Rules 
  • FEI Jumping Rules
  • EEF Development Series Rules

Previous achievements:

  • Formation of the Longines EEF Series (rules and updates)
  • Rescheduling of the EU CH 2021
  • Paris 2024 qualification Group C proposal
  • Chair:  Elisabeth Max-Theurer (AUT)
  • Christoph Umbach (LUX, Judges)

  • Andrej Salatzki (POL, Trainer)

  • Thomas Baur (GER, Organizer)

  • Klaus Röser (GER, Riders Club)

  • Natalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein (DEN)

  •  Carlos Lopes (POR)

Current agenda:

  • Recommendations for the Paris 2024 format
  • World Cup qualifying proposal for Central Europe
  • Chair: Anne d'Ieteren
  • Helena Ager (SWE)
  • Marianna Grammatikaki (GRE)
  • Tore Sannum (NOR)
  • Luigi Ferdinando Acerbi (ITA)
  • Nicole den Dulk (NED)
  • Georgina Sharples (GBR)
  • Eva Bachinger (AUT)
  • Triona Connors (IRL)
  • Chair: Mike Etherington Smith
  • Michel Asseray (FRA)
  • Lars Christensson (SWE)
  • Pedro Rey (ESP)
  • Philine Ganders-Meyer (GER)
  • David Lee (IRL)
  • Giovanni (Chicco) Masci (ITA)
  • Alexandru Lavorovski (ROM)
  • Merel Blom (NED)

Current agenda:

  • Paris 2024 Olympic format
  • Rules and proposed rule changes
  • Future direction of the sport, and specifically future Olympic development
  • Chair: Soenke Lauterbach (GER)
  • Theo Ploegmakers (NED)
  • Nayla Stossel (SUI)
  • Hidde Frankena (NED)
  • Ulf Bromster (SWE)
  • Avalon Everett (IRL)
  • Carina Mayer (GER)

Responsible for the creation, application and monitoring of the EEF strategic plan

  • Formation of the EEF Strategic Plan 2022-26 accepted by the GA in 2021
  • For more information, please click here
  • Chair: Nayla Stössel
  • Carina Mayer (GER)
  • Simone Perillo (ITA)
  • Alice Ward (GBR)

Current agenda:

  • Work to deliver the new 2022-26 strategy in relation to the promotion of EEF activity
  • Promotion and running of the LES Series
  • Actively seek new commercial partners for the EEF

Strategic Lead: Ulf Brömster (SWE)

  • Chair: Nadia Kolodchenko 
  • Amanda Curtis (GBR)
  • Iris Huisman (NED)
  • Benedetta Pecini (ITA)
  • Marcus Lundholm (SWE)
  • Zuzana Baciak- Masarykova (SLO)
  • Carina Mayer (GER)
  • Alice Ward (GBR)

Responsible for the creation, application and monitoring of an EEF sustainability policy