Longines EEF Series Horse of the Year

Lord Mexx wins the 2023 Horse of the Year award

In association with the Jumping Owners Club

Six horses were put forward for the first-ever Longines EEF Series Horse of the Year, in association with the Jumping Owners Club.

The EEF and the Jumping Owners Club proudly present the six finalists for the first-ever Longines EEF Series Horse of the Year. The nomination process was open to all horses who had competed in at least two Longines EEF Series competitions (season 2023) and we are delighted to honour this group of well-deserving equine athletes. The nominees, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Cuma 5 (AUT)

Ridden by Katharina Rhomberg, owned by Gerhard Rauch, groom Julia Strauß

  • Enjoy de la Mure (ESP)

Ridden by Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, owned by Abundium S.L (Xavier Bernat), groom Joanna Olszewska

  • For Killy (SWE)

Ridden by Amanda Landeblad, owned by Jacobsbergs Stuteri Ab, groom Josefine Carlsson

  • Impian D (NED)

Ridden by Henk Frederiks, owned by Henrike Van Doorn, groom Milou van Hoften

  • Lord Mexx (GRE)

Ridden by Angelos Touloupis, owned by Stefan Rödl, groom Jenny Fehleisen-Touloupis

  • Oeli R (AUT)

Ridden by Alessandra Reich, owned by Alessandra Reich, groom Hanna Neff

The horses are the stars of each show and we take this moment to thank all the owners, grooms, stable staff and wider support teams that have enabled all 250 riders who have competed in the Longines EEF Series so far this year.


Cuma Yadel Möhler Photography

Cuma 5

Comme Il Faut / Ars Vivendi

No stranger to the Longines EEF Series arena, Cuma made his first appearance in the Series in its opening 2021 season and has been part of the Austrian team in Mannheim and Ebreichsdorf this year. A fearless competitor and loyal companion, Cumi to his friends, is a true team player and has been a key part in securing Austria’s place at this year's Final.

Bred and started by Markus Merschformann, Cuma has been part of Katharina’s team for several years now.  The bond between horse and rider is clear for all to see and together they form a regular part of the Austrian team, which includes selection for this year’s European Championships. Groom Julia Strauß is on hand to keep Cumi happy, as a horse who loves to be spoilt and enjoys cuddles in the stable. Once in the ring, his heart of gold shines out, attentive to every question asked and trying hard to please.

Enjoy de la Mure Eva van de Adel

Enjoy de la Mure

Vigo Cece / Sable Rose

The top performer in the series so far; three competitions, three double clears and just 9 years old. Take a bow Enjoy de la Mure! Carefully produced by Eduardo from the beginning, this combination shows the class and harmony of future Championship winners. Competing in Mannheim, Peelbergen, and Deauville, the consistency of this horse has been simply incredible. The three shows presented three separate challenges, and in each case, Enjoy was able to rise to the occasion and record repeated clear rounds.

It seems it is Enjoy by name, Enjoy by nature with this stunning stallion. At home he is a relaxed man who comes alive at the show, giving 100% and appearing in his element in the ring. With groom Joanna Olszewska by his side, he is credited for his huge heart and is surely one of Spain's big stars of the future.

For Killy Helene Gjerde Aamdal + Astrid Marie Årdal

For Killy

Otangelo / For Pleasure

Let's hear it for the girls. The only mare in our line-up, For Killy has been partnered by Amanda for the last 5 years. The striking chestnut has been a popular face in the Series this year showing scope and speed while rarely looking close to touching a pole. The combination had fantastic results with double clears in Drammen and at the semi-final in Deauville, helping Sweden secure their place in the final in Warsaw.

Looked after by Josefine Carlsson on the road, Fia is a shy horse who takes her time getting to know new people. Described as a “sensitive late bloomer”, For Killy has been carefully produced over the years and her results this season show her full potential is now being realised and she will be sure to feature in many more Swedish teams to come.

Impian D Helene Gjerde Aamdal + Astrid Marie Årdal

Impian D

VDL Bubalu / Lux Z

This year "Impie" has proved to be a key part of the Dutch team. Making three team appearances this season in Aalborg, Drammen and Ebreichsdorf, Impie jumped a clear round in all three events with the latter two resulting in wins for the Dutch team. At 10 years old, Impian has been carefully produced by Henk for his entire career and 2023 saw him make his Nations Cup debut. Alongside standout team performances, Impian was also victorious in the Ebreichsdorf grand prix.

His support team is behind each success with groom Milou van Hoften by his side and his owners and breeders, the family Van Doorn enjoying all his achievements. Impie is a star in all aspects and he knows his place is best found in the ring, when the horsebox starts without him he even tries to make his own way out to join the fun!

Lord Mexx Sassofotografie

Lord Mexx

Larimar / Coriano

The 2021 Balkan champion was a standout performer for Greece this year. Having first contended the Series in 2022, Lord Mexx was in action in Gorla Minore and Athens in 2023. With 4/4 in Italy, he delivered a super double clear at his home show in Athens to line up the semi-finals. The scopey stallion has developed alongside rider Angelos Touloupis to make them one of Greece’s most exciting combinations for the future.

Supported by his wife Jenny, the family duo has carefully developed “Lordi” to be a consistent performer at this level. A horse of strong character, Lordi lives up to his name and is deservedly the boss at home! Once he arrives on site, his character calms as if he knows now is the time to get to work.

Oeli R Yadel Möhler Photography

Oeli R

Denzel Vt Meulenhof / Andiamo

At just 9 years old, Oeli R is another of our younger nominees. Known at home as Döli or Ölifer, this season has been a year of firsts and he has not disappointed. Making his debut for the Austrian team in Mannheim, he was also a key part of the efforts in Ebreichsdorf to bring Austria to the Final. Ölifer has shown himself to be a real star of the future not least in Bratislava where he took top honours in the Grand Prix. Ridden and produced by Alessandra since he was 5, the combination shows a true bond and complete understanding that makes them a joy to watch. Ölifer stepped up to compete in his first 5* Nations Cup in St Gallen, with just a pole in each round confirming this is a pairing that can go all the way.

His character sets him apart with a playful nature that keeps Alessandra and good friend, and groom, Hanna Neff on their toes as he looks for fun at home. But in the ring, he knows his job and fights for every moment to give his rider 100%.