EEF Evolution Team Events

The EEF’s central mission is to inspire the growth and accessibility of equestrian sport, and this new series is at the heart of this aim. The EEF Evolution team competitions offer a new format in lower levels of international shows to enable horses and riders to gain experience and allow team events to be accessed by various competition categories.


Realising the restrictions on National Federations to host multiple Nations Cups, but understanding the importance of the team format, the EEF Evolution competition is a team event for the CSI / Ch / CSI1* / CSI2* shows. In Jumping, three competitions will be available with a Children's tour, Medium tour (riders 14 and over) and Big Tour (riders 15 and over).  Teams can be made up of multi-nationalities, to also allow federations with a smaller number of combinations available to give their riders a team experience. The format will be debuted in a small number of single events in 2022 with a full programme of qualifiers and final planned for 2023 and will be named EEF Evolution League. The league will also be adapted and offered for Dressage competitions too, with plans for mixed teams across pony, children, junior and Young Rider/Senior categories.


In addition to the focus on rider development, the EEF Evolution League will also be a principal education tool for officials, with specific opportunities made available for judges, stewards, and course designers to develop their experience and create opportunities to learn from experienced officials on-site through organised seminars and mentoring programmes. The first of these will be held this week for jumping officials in Bulgaria ahead of the competition in Bojourishte.


In 2022 the new format will be seen across these events:

Bojourishte -   Bulgaria 10- 12/06/2022 - CSI1* (A), CSICh-A (A)

Lipica – Slovenia 26-28/08/2022 - CSI2* (A), CSIYH1* (A), CSICh-A (A)

Herneacova – Romania 01-04/09/202 - CSI1* (A), CSIYH1* 5yo (A), CSIYH1* 6-7yo (A), CSICh-A (A)