Balkan Championships

Each year the EEF supports its member nations in the organisation of the Balkan Championships. Held specifically for the 12 Balkan countries, the championships include the following categories:

- Jumping: Ch, Jun, YR, Seniors, Ladies. Teams and Individual

- Dressage: Ch, Jun, YR, Seniors. Teams and Individual

- Endurance: Seniors. Team and Individual

- Driving: Seniors. Team and Individual


The EEF works with the organisers and participating countries with the following aims;

  • Development: Balkan championships are really great development tool especially for children, juniors, young riders and ladies
  • Improvement: To increase number of competitors, horses, well educated officials, sponsors.
  • To preserve the 56-year-old tradition: Balkan Championships are organized with success for decades. Team competitions and Championships are always the most important events in our Region

In 2024, the following championships will be held:

  • 12-14 July - Driving. Feričanci, Croatia
  • 04-08 September - Jumping and Dressage. Istanbul, Turkiye
  • 05-06 October - Endurance, Kilkis, Greece