Update on aid required for Ukraine

28. Mar 2022 / Category: News

The situation in Ukraine for equines continues to be exceptionally challenging. Horses are caught up in the war, with very limited possibility to be evacuated and recieve care. The need for direct humanitarian aid to horses is increasing rapidly, with an expected 2000 horses requiring help by the end of April. There is still difficulty bringing horses out of the Ukraine, so the provision of supplies is vital to help the horses within the country.

The foundation have issued the following appeal for aid:

  • We need larger quantities of compressed vacuum-packed hay and haylage on euro pallets, smaller quantities of compound feed for sensitive and elder horses, calming supplements that help lower horse's stress, vacuum-packed shavings and veterinary supplies
  • To deliver aid to Poland please follow the guidance on the website and contact our logistics expert. Trucks with larger quantities of aid are more efficient to deliver and distribute - they can go directly to the border with Ukraine to be reloaded to Ukrainian trucks, which will go to the warehouse in Lviv or directly to the stables in Ukraine.
  • We continue to work on both sides of the border to establish stopover locations for horses. The demand for stopover stabling is constantly increasing – in the coming weeks, there will be a need to scale up the stabling facility donated by FEI Solidarity in Lviv and work out the plan for a stopover location in Poland.

Offers to deliver aid, or provide stabling can be logged directly on the Foundation website here: https://helpukrainehorses.eu/