Update on aid and support for Ukraine

14. Mar 2022 / Category: Press Release

Update on aid and support for the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation

The Ukrainian Equestrian Foundation continues to grow and develop its operations to provide help and support to the equines within Ukraine. Since its launch on the 1st March, the foundation has quickly mobilised to support a logistics hub in Poland for the collection of physical aid and is now focused on distributing this into Ukraine, whilst trying to bring eligible horses out of the country to safe accommodation within neighbouring European countries.

The foundation has now set up a donation portal, that has been verified by the FEI, to accept monetary contributions. Physical aid donations are still required and it is possible to order feed directly from Poland, with delivery to the hub. Full information is available here; https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/donate/?amp=1 

The foundation is providing regular updates via its website and social media on the distribution of the aid. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helpukrainehorses

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helpuahorses 

Work is still being done to secure a route for horses within Ukraine to arrive in Europe. In the interim, the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation is seeking to create a hub in Lviv to accommodate horses and prepare the necessary documents for entry into the EU. Further information will be provided once entry methods are confirmed by the FEI and EU regulators. 

Offers for accommodation for horses in Europe can still be registered online here: https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/offer-help-en/