Update on Ukraine: Request for aid

05. Mar 2022 / Category: Press Release

Update on Ukraine: Request for aid

Following the devastating invasion by Russia last week, we have been in regular contact with the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation and the FEI to offer our assistance and support. The Ukrainian Equestrian Federation has now created a foundation in order to manage offers of accommodation and accept physical donations at a hub in Poland.

The ability to evacuate horses is very difficult, due in part to the road infrastructure but also as currently only horses with EU papers are able to pass over the border. We are working closely with the FEI on this matter and will provide updates to our members as soon as we have further information. The focus is currently on providing aid to the horses within the country. The majority of Ukrainian stables are in a critical state. Supplies are very low and donations of feed and shavings are urgently required.

Aid donations can be processed through the logistics hub in Poland. All deliveries need to be coordinated through the foundation and follow the customs procedures. The foundation requests only 3 types of aid

1. Haylage in small packages weighing up to 20 kg.

2. Compound feed for horses (muesli / horsefood) in bags weighing up to 20 kg.

3. Sawdust (shaving) pressed in packing up to 20 kg.

Please alert the foundation before shipping to the logistics hub through the website; https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/bring-supplies-en/

Any individuals currently in Ukraine who require help should contact foundation directly; https://helpukrainehorses.eu/uk/ask-for-help-uk/

We are very grateful that a number of member nations have already offered quarantine and longer-term accommodation options, once we are able to safely move horses from Ukraine. Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are all in the process of creating quarantine stations, with offers of longer-term accommodation from Germany and Italy so far. Anyone within the European area who can offer assistance with regard to stabling and evacuations can complete this form: https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/offer-help-en/


Full details for the logistics hub in Poland are available below:

The hub is located in the equestrian club LESNA WOLA ul.

Leśna Wola 8

36 – 060 Głogów Małopolski Paland.


Contact points on site for coordination and unloading assistance:

+48 889 194 993 Andrew POL / UKR

+48 693 685 630 Tomek POL / EN

+48 608 530 797 Ewa POL / EN