Sustainability Update

In 2023 the EEF unveiled its sustainability strategy, and since then the work hasn’t stopped to ensure this vision becomes the guiding principle behind the EEFs work. Sustainability is an all-encompassing word, meaning far more than just the environment:

“Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

United Nations Brundtland Commission

The aim for the EEF is to unite its members within this vision, and champion projects and programmes that help our sport to develop for now, and the future.

The ecosystem of our sport is huge, with many stakeholders who each play an important role. As a federation, it is our job to protect and nurture these areas.

We can break this down into three central areas of focus. Horses, humans and the environment.

The EEF will be focusing on projects and initiatives within each of these areas, including existing programs like the Equestrian Young Leaders Europe (EYLE) and new ones such as an interactive strategy development tool to allow national federations, organisations and individual stables to develop their own sustainability plan, customised to their country of residence.

The strategy tool will be unveiled on our new sustainability website in September, with a full presentation during our General Assembly and a webinar session for the entire equestrianism community to explain its full functionality.

The website will also house a good practice portal, to allow our community to learn and grow through the many fantastic initiatives that are already in place. If you would like to showcase any of your work in this area, please contact us for inclusion.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and key insights into the topics surrounding our sport and the horses, humans and environment that create it.