Statement: Helgstrand Events

08. Feb 2024 / Category: News

Helgstrand Event and EEF jointly end host agreement

Helgstrand Event and the European Equestrian Federation (EEF) have mutually decided to end their current cooperation to organize a qualifier of the Longines EEF Nations Cup in Region Nord.

Helgstrand Event has successfully organized this event for several years, and usually the international events are held in continuation of local competitions in Denmark.

However, due to the decision made by DRF (Danish Equestrian Federation) in November to suspend its collaboration with Helgstrand Event on Danish competitions for the time being, Helgstrand Events and the EEF have agreed to end their partnership for organizing a qualifier in the Longines EEF Series.

The EEF supports the decision and will work with the federation to identify a potential new organiser.

Both parties express gratitude for the years of successful partnership.