President’s update: Swedish Equestrian Federation

15. Mar 2022 / Category: News

In line with the new EEF strategy in which the wider application of social licence is core, the President, Theo Ploegmakers, has been spending time with member nations to focus on horse welfare issues and the long-term strategy for equestrian sports in Europe.

Last week a meeting was held with Ulf Brömster, president of the Swedish Equestrian Federation. Sweden is currently one of the most successful equestrian nations in the world, and their top sport success feeds down into the grassroots where the horse holds a historic, central role in society.  

The meeting focused on the federation’s wider work in promoting horse welfare and maintaining the horse in the centre of all sports performance. The “Hästvälfärdsrådet”, Horse Welfare Council, was set up in 2020 (in replacement for the combined works of the animal welfare committee and horse breeding councils), to oversee the education and application of good horse welfare within Sweden. These learnings can prove vital to aiding other EEF member nations.

Commenting on the meeting Ulf Brömster said “It was a rewarding meeting where we talked about a number of important issues, including horse welfare. It is important to exchange experiences with each other…I am proud that Sweden is a pioneering country in terms of horse welfare where we contribute our expertise to other countries in terms of, for example, anti-doping and animal welfare.”


Ulf Brömster and Theo Ploegmakers Photo: Marcus Lundholm/SvRF