Hungary welcomes first EYLE participants!

29. Nov 2023 / Category: Press Release

Over the last two weeks, Hungary has officially launched the Equestrian Young Leaders Europe (EYLE) programme with participants across all three levels starting to earn their first badges!
In total, 7 equestrian centres are hosting EYLE sessions, bringing approximately 120 young people through a range of different topics and equine skill areas, with the aim to strengthen not only their equine knowledge but their social development too. EYLE creates opportunities for young to work together and build their problem-solving, communication and other key leadership skills all while engaging in their passion for the horse.
The programme exists across four levels, based on both age and experience to allow the young people to be introduced to a knowledge area and deepen their understanding as they progress through the programme. Levels 1 to 3 are offered in riding schools, while level 4 will be centrally offered across the participating countries. Each level will tackle the same badges, with activities and learning outcomes increasing as the young people progress through the programme. Crucially, sessions are arranged to offer the higher levels the chance to work with the lower groups and practice their leadership, communication and support skills to enable everyone to learn and importantly, have fun together.
Hungarian programme leader, Eszter Kovács said “We are facing a very exciting period, after the one-year preparation phase of the program, we have reached the start, the beginning of the practical implementation. The openness and cooperation of the riding stables, riding instructors, and trainers participating in the EYLE program is already a kind of community experience, which can be further deepened with the start of sessions and the involvement of children. We look forward to the coming months, it is extremely interesting to see how the elements of the program unfold.”

The seven clubs participating in the programme are:

  • Csemete Lovaspark, Nyergesújfalu
  • Csilló Lovasiskola, Pilis
  • Fehér Patkó Lovasudvar, Székesfehérvár
  • Kincsem Sportlovarda, Sződliget
  • Nyírbátori Fedeles Lovarda 
  • Szikszai Lovasiskola, Ravazd
  • Zsanai Lovas Sport Klub, Kiskunhalas

For more information on the programme in Hungary and ways to get involved please see: