FEI Sports Forum: Equine Ethics and Wellbeing (EEWB) Commission Report

25. Apr 2023 / Category: News

FEI Sports Forum 2023 Photo: FEI / Richard Juilliart

FEI Sports Forum: Equine Ethics and Wellbeing (EEWB) Commission Report

Yesterday during the 2023 FEI Sports Forum, the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing (EEWB) Commission, which includes the EEF President, put forward 24 draft recommendations to ensure a good life for horses in equestrian sport.

The recommendations, which include measures that the FEI and the wider equestrian community can take to achieve higher standards of horse welfare, generated enthusiastic discussion and feedback from the attendees. This is the first time the EEWB Commission have held in-person consultations with the wider equestrian community on its work and findings since it was created by the FEI in June 2022.

Member of the commission, EEF President Theo Ploegmakers took part in a panel discussion following the main presentation and commented:

“This is an important moment and step in the commission’s work. I feel there is a lot of pressure, maybe more so in Europe than other continents, to begin acting now and work to improve.

Sustainability and horse welfare are high on the agenda for the EEF, and we will continue to share that message as it is not the FEI alone, it is everyone in the community and every National Federation that has to take responsibility.

As the EEF, we will see what the FEI implements from the recommendations, and what we will then act on, and champion across Europe”

Following feedback from delegates during the FEI Sports Forum, the Commission will present all proposed recommendations to the FEI Board for approval, before the FEI General Assembly that will be held in Mexico City (MEX) in November.

The purpose of the Commission’s work is to independently consider issues of public and equestrian concern that may affect ongoing social acceptance of the involvement of horses in sport. Specifically, the Commission was tasked with providing independent advice and recommendations to the FEI to ensure equine welfare is safeguarded through ethical, evidence-based policy and practices concerning training, management, performance, and competition practices, and to improve the sport’s social license to operate (SLO).

Full report: A Good Life for Horses: A vision for ensuring the future involvement of horses in sport