EYLE programme gets set to launch!

14. Nov 2023 / Category: News

Almost exactly a year after the first kick-off meeting for the Equestrian Young Leaders Europe (EYLE) was held, Hungary is preparing to welcome the first participants into the programme this month! 

The EYLE project is a youth education tool, aimed at developing our young equestrians into future leaders with a focus on many important social skills and important equine knowledge. Built on existing programmes used in Sweden and the Netherlands, EYLE is being rolled out in Norway, Bulgaria and Hungary. 

With 7 riding clubs enrolled, and 15 coaches trained, Hungary are ready to start the first groups of children in the programme. They hope to have around 120 participants following the course, which takes the young people through 11 different badges covering topics such as nutrition, stable management, safety and sustainability. Through a mixture of in-person sessions held at the riding club and e-learning quizzes, the children will learn a wealth of knowledge while developing their own confidence, communication, problem-solving and other key leadership skills. 

"EYLE is a unique program to encourage personal development though equestrian activities. For the EEF, it is important we secure the future of our sport and this includes having passionate people who will become the future managers of the riding clubs, the breeding yards, at the National Federations and beyond. EYLE will provide the chance for children to have access to the horses, develop their skills and become future ambassadors of the equestrian sport.” 

EEF project manager, Teodor Sheytanov


In Norway and Bulgaria, the coach education is currently underway with plans to begin live sessions in January 2024. Across all three countries, the enthusiasm for the project has been infectious and the volunteer coaches have all shown a tremendous passion for helping the young people to develop and engage further in their equestrian hobby. 

To support all these countries in these opening months, Sweden and the Netherlands will be offering webinars and knowledge share opportunities focused on helping the coaches to organise and plan their sessions and also look at the key topic of safeguarding.   

The EYLE programme has been funded through Erasmus+, making it possible to deliver a European youth project that we believe will have a lasting legacy for equestrianism. To ascertain the benefits, the programme is being followed by the Open University (NED) who will create a study to measure the social development outcomes.