EYLE Updates February

20. Feb 2024 / Category: News

As the new year starts, great progress is being made in the Equestrian Young Leaders Programme. Collectively the coaches from partner countries from Hungary, Norway and Bulgaria have been taking part in webinars to help them prepare for the live sessions they will hold. Teams from Sweden and the Netherlands have hosted these sessions to pass on their knowledge and experience. Fenna Westerduin from the Dutch Federation gave great tips and tools to help the coaches to practically start the programme, planning activities, badge progression, and how to manage each session.

From the Swedish Federation, Catrine Hermansen ran a session on keeping young people safe in the stable, covering issues of bullying, harassment, and safeguarding. Translations of the Swedish safeguarding tools have been made available to provide accessible ways to approach these topics with young people and foster an environment that encourages open communication and trust.

These sessions have proven a great support to the partner countries, who in turn are making great strides in rolling out the programme. In Bulgaria, the final coach education is taking place with 7 riding clubs ready to start sessions in March which should hope to provide sessions to around 70 young people.

In Norway 3 of the clubs are now underway with students enrolled in their first badge, while the other clubs are completing their final preparations to start in the coming weeks. Interest across Norway has been very high and other clubs are keen to follow the progress and offer the EYLE programme next year.

Meanwhile Hungary are leading the charge will all 7 clubs now fully operating and over 160 children benefitting from the programme. Five of the clubs have now completed the first badge “stable employee”

In total each level of the programme contains 12 badges, these range from stable management topics, equine first aid, paddock management and sustainability to provide an all-round education. Within each lesson, the children will carry out a range of tasks to learn practically, and in turn be encouraged to take on greater responsibility, mentor younger learners, share their knowledge and develop far more than just the equine skills from their time together.

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