EEF supports aid distribution in Ukraine

03. Jun 2022 / Category: Press Release

As the war continues in Ukraine, the work to protect the horses within the country is on-going.

The EEF is proud to be supporting the work of the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation (UEF-CF) through the donation of much required physical aid to the many equines now under their care in Ukraine.

Working with a local supplier within Ukraine, the EEF secured 13 tonnes of horse feed for delivery directly to stables in the Kiev region. In turn, supporting both the industry infrastructure in Ukraine and the evacuated horses in need. In addition, 220 tonnes of haylage (11 truck loads) have been purchased in German, by the EEF and the Dutch Federation of Professional Equestrian Centres (FNRS). This haylage has so far been distributed to the Sumy, Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions with detailed planning by the UEF-CF to distribute the remaining aid across all the priority zones in Ukraine.

The EEF will continue to support the many equines in Ukraine, alongside continued work to utilise our member network and find long-term solutions to meet the needs of the equines in Ukraine. The EEF is available to facilitate the purchase of further aid by any members if required and continues to seek new suppliers who can offer quality aid provisions at a fair price.

The UEF-CF is currently supporting over 160 stables, including the emergency stabling units created in-country in Lviv, and more than 3500 horses who have been affected by the war so far. In the last two months over 450 tonnes of material have been donated to help provide for these animals but the foundation requires a constant supply of new donations to continue supporting the equines in their care. There were an estimaed 100,000 horses in the country before the war, and by the end of summer the UEF-CF estimates over 5000 equines will be in their care.

Physical aid donations can be purchased and delivered to the foundation’s warehouse, or monetary donations can be made directly to the foundation via PayPal on their website: