EEF launch veterinary working group

18. May 2024 / Category: Press Release

The European Equestrian Federation (EEF) recognizes the growing significance of veterinary issues within the equestrian sport.

In light of this, the EEF has formed a veterinarian working group dedicated to addressing upcoming challenges and ensuring the well-being of our equine athletes. Chaired by an independent leader Jim Eyre, the CEO of British Equestrian, the group consists of 11 vets from each of the European regions and covering a range of specialisms.

The primary goal of this working group is to foster collaboration among experts in the field, with a focus on advancing veterinary standards, promoting horse welfare, and addressing emerging issues in the European equestrian community.

The group will follow a similar structure to the other EEF Working Groups, by following the timelines of the FEI rule revisions to make proposals where required. In addition, the group will create dedicated focus co-groups to work on key topics such as in-competition veterinary decisions with the Grand Jury, the use of infusions and finding objective data for veterinary examinations. These topics will be examined and investigated, and where appropriate guidelines and recommendations will be made to the EEF Board to further escalate with the EEF Members and FEI.  

In addition, the group will work closely with the EEF EU Working Group to provide assistance and expertise on legislative matters affecting the equine industry.

Working group chair, Jim Eyre said “I’m very honoured to be chairing this group of enthusiastic and highly experienced veterinary professionals. Ensuring the voice of the veterinary community is heard and that time is being dedicated to reviewing key areas of our sport, and our horses' welfare from a veterinary perspective is crucial. We have clear aims and areas of concern that we will initially prioritise and work with the European community to bring key information forward”.  

Working Group members:

  • Jim Eyre (Chair)
  • Alexander Mitsopoulos (GRE)
  • Ali Taskin Ozdemir (TUR)
  • Fred Barrelet (SUI)
  • Kati Niinistö (FIN)
  • Leendert Jan Hofland (NED)
  • Lotta Häyrinen (FIN)
  • Lotte Kraus (NED)
  • Miklos Jarmy (HUN)
  • Stéphane Montavon (SUI)
  • Tim Samoy (BEL)
  • Tobias Wragberg (SWE)

EEF President Theo Ploegmakers said; “The goals of the EEF Veterinary Working Group resonate deeply with our commitment to promoting the well-being of our equine partners. Through offering informed advice, innovative proposals, and disseminating crucial information, we aim to foster an environment where horses in sport are nurtured, protected and respected.”