EEF hosts discussions for CSIO competitions in Europe

12. Jul 2023 / Category: News

Today the EEF has hosted a meeting to discuss possible options to continue offering CSIO shows, following the developments of the new Longines League of Nations (LLN) concept.
The EEF supports the LLN and is excited that so many organisers have applied to host events in this series. The EEF believes in the concept of the LLN to elevate the top sport and engage audiences in team competition. However, the EEF also recognises the changes this new league brings, which, among others, concern the availability of CSIO starting opportunities for a number of non-LLN teams from Europe and around the world and the future of a number of historic former Division I events.
Today, over 40 participants from National Federations, chef d'équipes, horse owners and event organisers, from both Europe and globally, attended an online meeting to discuss the issues and consider options to offer CSIO events in Europe.
The discussions highlighted the clear need to continue to offer CSIO starting opportunities to non-LLN nations and find a solution to protect the historic shows in Europe that may not become part of the LLN. There are naturally concerns across the calendar, invitations and inclusions for non-European teams and the balance between LLN nations and others, alongside the timeline to bring a solution together.
Today’s feedback will be taken through to the EEF Jumping Working Group to develop a proposal, with consideration of the rules, to share back with this group of stakeholders, and if agreed, to pursue the next steps necessary.