EEF Statement regarding Horse Sport Ireland

21. Sep 2023 / Category: News

We are aware of the investigations that have been carried out by Horse Sport Ireland in relation to the practice of rapping by the Eventing High Performance Director.


The EEF places the horse at the highest priority in all matters, and the practice of rapping is clearly in breach of horse welfare. We strongly condemn all training methods and practices that are contrary to horse welfare. 


With reference to this particular case, the EEF is resolute in its stance against the use of metal bars in equestrian sport. Any attempts to manipulate equipment and employ artificial techniques intended to induce the horse to jump higher or more carefully, in turn threatening the horses' welfare, have no place in our industry. 


We are committed to collaborating with organisations and individuals who share our values and dedication to horse welfare. Together, we can set the standards for responsible horsemanship and ensure that our sport continues to thrive while placing the welfare of our equine partners at the forefront.