EEF in-person Board Meeting 26.10.2021

Meeting EEF in-person Board Meeting
Date 26 October 2021
Time 09h00 – 13h30
Location Room “Olympia Mancini 1”, Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen, Vienna (AUT)
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer
Theo Ploegmakers President
Ulf Helgstrand Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
George Dimaras Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General

For Discussion :

1.1 Preparation for EEF General Assembly

There are no major areas of concern identified ahead of the EEF GA. SL is tasked to continue working on the new membership fee proposal.

1.2 Preparation for FEI General Assembly

a. Olympic & Paralympic Games 2024 The outcome of the EEF survey regarding teams of 3 or 4 members shall be raised during the EEF regional group meeting in Antwerp. The IJRC is of the opinion that the level of Jumping at the OG must be on a higher level.

With regards to Olympic qualification in Group C, the EEF must ensure to present at least one host for the special qualifying event for all three Olympic disciplines to the FEI to avoid that otherwise these qualifiers will be automatically held in Moscow as they plan to apply for all qualifiers in a new center near Moscow.

TP informs the Board that together with SL a discussion has taken place in which Group III demanded that at least two quota slots should go to them, one for Jumping and one for Dressage or Eventing. The EEF has refused this demand and will follow the FEI proposal for Olympic qualification.

The Board is working on a new proposal for Olympic qualification with a main focus on the World Championships. During the meeting the framework for such a proposal was worked out and it is agreed that the concept should be worked out for teams of 3 and 4 members and that a Q&A will be made so all positive and negative effects will be revealed and discussed in the working groups.

SL is tasked to prepare the document and send it to all Board members for review.

This document shall, once informally approved by the Board members, be discussed in the EEF Dressage/Jumping/Eventing Working Groups so that their feedback is available for the regional group meeting in Antwerp.


b. Group meetings during FEI GA

The following items shall be put on the agenda:

  • FEI Vet department review of the Olympic Games, EHV situation, Valencia
  • FEI horse app rules as of November
  • Driving rule revision • Olympic qualification / Group C
  • Proposal for Olympic Qualifications as discussed in the board.
  • Invitation of all three candidates for the position of FEI Dressage Committee Chair to present themselves (5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question; one by one and order to be determined by draw)

EO and QS are tasked to prepare questions regarding Valencia.


1.3 EEF Sport Development Manager

The President reports that Zoom interviews were held earlier this month and detailed in-person interviews are planned for November/December. The planning is to have a final decision on the successful candidate to be made in December following approval by the EEF Board.

TP reports that a contract and salary calculations will be made by DELOITTE to avoid any misunderstanding and/or questions later on.


For Decision :

2.1 Allocation of FEI Youth EU-CH 2023

The Board unanimously recommends to allocate the 2023 EU-CH for Ponies to Le Mans (FRA) and the EU-CH for Children & Juniors to Kronberg (GER).


For Information:

3.1 EEF Balkan League

The BEC has submitted its proposal for an EEF Balkan League to the EEF President. The proposal shall be tabled in its final version to the Board for approval once it has been reviewed in detailed.

3.2 Longines EEF Series

For the 2022 season, EO is expressing her concern of having 90 riders invited when there are only 3 days of show with 2 classes each day. In such case there shall be a maximum of 75 riders to be invited.

The Board accepts the proposal but will support the invitation of 90 riders for shows over 4 days with 3 classes each day.



FRA NF is interested to see how NFs are handling the application process for FEI calendar dates

QS is tasked to provide questions for a meaningful survey which shall then be distributed by CM to the members.

EEF Jumping round table

The Board confirms the wish of TP that SL shall remain on the EEF Jumping round table after the election of the new 1st Vice-President as long as the workload of the Strategic Planning working group will allow the time for it.