EEF Board videoconference on 11.07.2022

Theo Ploegmakers President & Chair
George Dimaras 1st Vice-President
Ulf Helgstrand 2nd Vice President 
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative 
Nayla Stössel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Simone Perillo Board Member (excused)
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Teodor Sheytanov Sport Development Manager

1.1 Preparations for FEI/EEF discussion in Barcelona

A meeting between the FEI Executive Board and the EEF Board is scheduled to take place in the context of the 2022 FEI Nations Cup Final in Barcelona. All Board members are tasked to provide TP with their list of desired subjects for discussion. Based on that input TP will establish a list of priorities for decision of 2-3 discussion topics at the next EEF Board videoconference in August.


1.2 FEI Nations Cup Division 1

Not all Division 1 OCs had replied to the FEI within the set deadline regarding the new host agreement and new format that was proposed to them by the FEI commercial department. The FEI Board meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow might provide new information on this subject. 


1.3 Budget 2022

CM is tasked to share the new budget as prepared by TP to the entire Board. The Board confirms that the existing accounting contract with Deloitte shall be terminated and a new contract signed with a Belgian accounting provider. Two  suitable offers have already been received and the contract of the chosen partner shall be checked by GD before final approval by the Board and signature by TP. 


1.4 EU-CH Endurance 2023

No comments are raised regarding the proposed way forward by the FEI.


2.1 Update Longines EEF Series

Feedback is currently being collected from stakeholders regarding the 2022 Longines EEF Series and a thorough debriefing will be held with organizers, NFs, Chef d’Equipes and the EEF at the end of the season. There are several areas that provide room for improvement but it is also very positive to see that the initial objective of the EEF to bring up new talents through the series is already bearing fruits by U25 athletes that competed in the 2021 Longines EEF Series now already being nominated into the top teams of their NFs.

High priority shall be put on the competition calendar for 2023 which creates a challenge in terms of good coordination in a year of Olympic qualification. One organizer of a qualifier in the 2022 Longines EEF Series of  region West has informed the EEF that they will not be able to organize the event again in 2023 and a replacement will need to be allocated accordingly. Belgium and Luxembourg have already submitted an expression of interest.

GD is tasked to communicate with Alcor regarding the payout of bonuses for the 2022 series. TP will propose a new structure for the management of the host agreements.


2.2 Update EEF Jumping Working Group

Outgoing working group member Lukasz Jankowski (POL) is replaced by Kaja Koczurowska Wawrzkiewicz (POL) and outgoing working group member Quentin Simonet (FRA) is replaced by Edouard Couperie (FRA). The working group decided that at this stage the total number of working group members shall not be extended which means that the membership request submitted by the International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC) has been denied. 


2.3 Update Development Working Group

TS provides an update on the situation in Ukraine and is tasked to look into the possibility of an additional donation by the EEF. QS informs the Board about the ongoing work to source a sponsor for the 2023 EEF Evolution League in Jumping and Dressage. Such sponsor would need to be secured until mid-September at the latest with regards to the deadline of October 1st to enter events into the FEI calendar for 2023. 

TS and QS will join the next videoconference of the EEF Eventing Working Group in order to investigate potential development projects in the discipline of Eventing.

With regards to FEI Solidarity, 14 applications were submitted from Europe which is a very good number. 


2.4 Update Communication & Commercial Working Group

NS provides an update on the communication initiatives for the Longines EEF Series semi-finals that were held in Deauville and Budapest. For the 2023 series it would be desirable to have the EEF journalists on-site for these events. In terms of commercial activities, the commercial working group is currently looking into the possibility of a clothing partner.


2.5 EU Committee

The deadline to submit applications for the position of Chair of the EEF EU-Committee will be on Friday, 15 July 2022, and so far already two candidacies have been received. The Board decides that in order not to lose very valuable people for the EU Committee due to a contested election, additional positions for members on the EU Committee shall be put up for approval by the 2022 EEF General Assembly. Once the new chair has been elected for the EEF EU-Committee, this person shall also represent the EEF in the European Horse Network (EHN).


2.6 FEI Horse welfare committee update

TP informs the Board that a two-day in-person meeting will be held in Lausanne on 03-04 August 2022 and that further details will be communicated by the FEI. 


2.7 Manifesto Ingmar de Vos

All Board members have received the manifesto of Ingmar de Vos ahead of the presidential election at the 2022 FEI General Assembly in South Africa. The EEF’s objective to take over the European Championships from the FEI is included in the manifesto. 


2.8 Transport problems to UK for championships

UH emphasizes the significant problems that NFs and athletes are currently facing with regards to their participation in the European Youth Dressage Championships in Hartpury (GBR) this summer. High cost, excessive paperwork, complex transport and uncertain return possibilities create significant issues for the participants. NFs have already asked the EEF to consider these aspects in the context of future allocations of European Championships to GBR as long as the current Brexit issues persist.


2.9 Preparations for EEF General Assembly

Preparations for the EEF GA have been significantly delayed but the objective is to be able to provide the information pack to the members in the coming days.


3.1 EEF Strategic planning working group

SL is tasked to submit the proposal regarding a weighted voting system to the Board by Wednesday so that an extraordinary Board meeting can be scheduled for detailed discussion. SL will also submit the scope document for the takeover of European Championships as soon as it has been finalized by the EEF Strategic Planning Working Group. A first meeting between the FEI and EEF regarding the latter subject is currently planned to take place in October 2022.