EEF Board videoconference on 09.08.2022

Theo Ploegmakers President & Chair
George Dimaras 1st Vice-President
Ulf Helgstrand 2nd Vice President 
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative 
Nayla Stössel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Simone Perillo Board Member 
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Teodor Sheytanov Sport Development Manager
Alice Ward Communications Manager (excused)

For Decision

  1. EEF General Assembly

The Board discusses the agenda and related annexes for the General Assembly which are approved with the following minor amendments to be made:

  • With regards to the weighted voting system proposal a full Olympic cycle shall be used for the calculation (2017-2020) and the last three Olympic & Paralympic Games shall be taken into consideration for the respective Olympic/Paralympic vote. With regards to the number of events and athletes, the additional votes shall be distributed for numbers bigger than zero.
  • The presentation on membership fees will be given by TP at the GA. Same as for the weighted voting system, a full Olympic cycle (2017-2020) shall also be used for the calculation of the membership fees. However, this calculation shall be based on the number of registered FEI athletes only.

In addition to the above, the following is discussed:

  • QS will send the finalized report of the Development working group to the Secretary General as soon as possible
  • Deloitte has just released the EEF Financial Report 2021/22 and it shall be shared with the internal auditors for their review and approval
  • The budget for the year 2022/23 and the provisional budgets for 2023/24 and 2024/25 will now be finalized based on the figures received from Deloitte
  • For the EEF GA elections the company “Lumi” has been appointed as the service provider for electronic voting again

For Discussion

2. Meeting between the EEF and FEI Executive Board in Barcelona

The Board agrees that the meeting shall be cancelled as there is currently only the subject of the FEI Nations Cup Division 1 up for discussion which can be tabled during the World Championships in Herning.

2.2 FEI Financial charges

Several NFs have informed the EEF that they are concerned about the FEI’s new proposal for financial charges. This FEI proposal is supported by the Equestrian Organizers (EO) and is also related to the proposal of the International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC) for increased professionalization of officials in Jumping. It would be desirable to reach an official EEF position ahead of the FEI GA on this matter which is considered to be of great importance.

For Information


3.1 Benelux Championships in Dressage

QS informs the Board about an expression of interest received from the BEL NF to host Benelux Championships in Dressage in 2023. As the EEF Board is, in principle, supportive of the concept of regional championships it has tasked TS to continue the dialogue with the BEL NF and ask for submission of confirmation of the participating countries and a set of draft rules for the event. Once this information has been received the subject can be further discussed by the Board.


4.Appointment of Ulf Helgstrand as EEF Honorary Board Member

The Board unanimously decides to appoint Ulf Helgstrand as EEF Honorary Board Member once he will leave the EEF at the 2022 EEF General Assembly following 12 years of dedication and loyal service to the EEF. This item shall be added to the agenda of the EEF GA accordingly.