EEF Board videoconference 16.02.2021

Theo Ploegmakers President
Armagan Özgörkey Vice President
Ulf Helgstrand Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
George Dimaras Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Ronan Murphy Chair of the EEF EU Committee
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Meeting EEF Board videoconference
Date 16 February 2021
Time 15h00 – 17h00
Location Videoconference
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer

For Decision:

1.1 EEF recommendation re 2021 EU-CH Eventing

The Board unanimously agrees to follow the recommendation of the EEF Eventing Working Group and support the bid of Avenches (SUI).


For Discussion:

2.1 2021 Longines EEF Series

EO provides an update on the host agreements that have been signed by OCs of the qualifiers and semi-finals of the LES. The qualifier in Lisbon will regretfully not be organized and a replacement location is currently being investigated.

As the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is still leading to some uncertainty the Board agrees to finalize the host agreements with a pandemicrelated addendum and is willing to support OCs in case their events can only be held behind closed doors (no spectators and/or no VIP area).

2.2 Situation EEM: effect on EEF budget

AÖ informs the Board that a new addendum has been sent to EEM in order to agree on the way forward with regards to the Riders Masters Cup. EEM has informed the EEF that in addition to the year 2020 in which no RMC had been organized, the event will also not take place in 2021. A decision on the way forward shall be made the very latest by October 2021.

2.3 Jumping Working Group: FEI Nations Cup

The EEF Jumping Working Group has discussed a new proposal for the FEI Nations Cup Division 1 which will be submitted to the EEF Board for discussion.

2.4 2021 EU-CHs: EEF tables

The Board unanimously decides that the EEF shall be represented at the European Senior Championships in Jumping, Dressage and Eventing in 2021 in order to show visibility of the EEF and express its appreciation to the OCs that are willing to host these championships at short notice and in uncertain times. A budget shall be put aside to facilitate EEF representation. The practical arrangements are to be made by CM.


For Information:

3.1 FEI elections

The Board is informed that the current term of Armagan Özgörkey, EEF 1st VicePresident, is coming to an end in October 2021. The position shall thus be opened for an election process.

The EEF representatives in the FEI Board are tasked to clarify with the FEI on how to deal with the nationality requirements in the FEI Board because the 1st Vice-President automatically becomes a member of the FEI Board. but no more than two Board members can represent the same nationality. As there are currently for example already two British FEI Board members, this could mean that no British delegate would be eligible to apply for the EEF 1st Vice-President position. The FEI shall be asked for confirmation/clarification.

The Board also agrees that the EEF Statutes need to be revised with regards to Article 12.13 which states that “(…) Board members may be elected for a maximum number of three full consecutive terms. If a person is elected into a new position the counting shall start again from zero.”

The item of “FEI elections” shall be put on the agenda for the next EEF Board videoconference again.

3.2 Dates of 2021 FEI Sports Forum & FEI GA

TP informs the Board that the dates for the 2021 FEI Sports Forum and the FEI GA have been postponed to later dates. This has also been officially communicated by the FEI already.



4.1 Group meetings at EEF series

The Board agrees that EEF group meetings shall be held at the 2021 Longines EEF Series qualifiers in Le Touquet (FRA), Magna Racino (AUT), Athens (GRE) and Drammen (NOR). Saturday could be a suitable day for such regional meeting at the respective events.

4.2 Proposal for a U-25 EU-CH in Showjumping

GD informs the Board that the EEF Jumping Working Group supports the proposal from Denmark to create a U-25 European Championship in Jumping. Such championship shall be held on Young Rider level. The EEF Jumping Working Group is tasked to submit a detailed proposal on this subject to the EEF Board for formal approval.

4.3 FEI Rule Revisions

The EEF will provide member NFs with the proposals established by the various EEF discipline working groups with regards to rule revisions for 2022. Particular emphasis will be on the rules of Jumping, Driving, Para-Driving and Vaulting as these are undergoing a full revision this year. Regretfully no working group could be established for Vaulting because the full revision was only announced by the FEI on February 10th which did not provide sufficient time to the EEF to establish a new Vaulting working group.

4.4 Electronic passport

RM provides an update with regards to EU matters. It is agreed that the timeframe for the feasibility study related to the equine electronic passport shall be finalized asap.