EEF Board videoconference 14.09.2021

Theo Ploegmakers President
Armagan Özgörkey Vice President
Ulf Helgstrand Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
George Dimaras Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Ronan Murphy Chair of the EEF EU Committee (excused)
Alan Andabaka Chair of the BEC
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Meeting EEF Board videoconference
Date 14 September 2021
Time 15h00 – 17h00
Location Videoconference
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer

For Decision:

1.1 Revised EEF Statutes

Each Board member gets the opportunity to raise questions or comment on the proposed changes to the EEF Statutes. The following is agreed by the Board:

  • In Section 4 the term “General Meeting” shall be changed back to “General Assembly”. This change of wording shall be processed throughout the entire document.
  • Article 22.3: the last sentence shall remain in the Statutes, saying that any candidate for the position of EEF President or 1st Vice-President must have previously served a minimum of four years on the EEF Board. (Three Board members are in favor of removing this sentence from the Statutes, three Board members are in favor of keeping the sentence and the President with his 7th vote decides that the sentence shall be kept in the Statutes.)
  • With regards to remote participation in the hybrid EEF GA it is agreed that all delegates attending the meeting remotely must be provided with a unique access link to the voting platform and must identify themselves by showing their passport.

1.2 Financial closing 2020/21

The Board unanimously approves the financial report of the financial year 2020/21 as presented by the President.

1.3 Budgets 2021/22 & 2022/23

With regards to the income budgeted for membership fees the Board agrees that the amount for 2022 shall be reduced because a proposal for a potential increase in membership fees will only be presented to the members in 2022 which means that a potential increase can happen the earliest in 2023. For all other items the Board approves the budgets as presented.

1.4 Agenda for EEF GA in Vienna (AUT)

The Board agrees that the agenda shall be amended so that the election of the 1st VicePresident will take place before the vote on the new EEF Statutes.


For Discussion:

2.1 EEF Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026

The Board agrees to the Strategic Plan as presented by Soenke Lauterbach. The Plan will be finalized at the in-person meeting of the Strategic Planning Working Group on September 27th which is also the deadline to send all relevant GA documentation out to the EEF members. The Board will have the possibility to provide further input to the working group until September 21st so that it can still be taking into consideration at the in-person meeting on September 27th .

2.2 EEF HR organization

The Board is informed that several applications have already been received for the vacant position of an EEF Sport Development Manager. It is agreed that after the EEF GA a committee shall be formed (consisting of the President, 1st Vice-President, 2 nd Vice-President and the Secretary General) in order to conduct the interviews with the candidates.

2.3 Balkan Championships

The President and George Dimaras inform the Board that they wish to discuss a new proposal with the BEC countries to provide 2-3 events on 1* or 2* level in Jumping to give the Balkan countries more opportunities to compete and develop towards participation in the Longines EEF Series.


For Information:

3.1 Candidacies received for EEF 1st Vice-President position

The Secretary General informs the Board about the candidacies received for the position of EEF 1st President and for a potential EEF Board Member position in case a current Board Member is elected as 1st Vice-President. The list of candidates shall be published on September 27th together with all the other documentation for the EEF GA.

3.2 Sponsoring Longines

The President informs the Board that the current sponsorship contract of Longines for the EEF (as an organization) is ending this year. Negotiations for a potential renewal of the contract are ongoing.

3.3 EEM

The President provides an update on the current situation of EEM and the Riders Masters Cup. A next update will be provided once EEM had an opportunity to speak with a new potential sponsor.


EEF GA & Covid 19 measures

It is agreed that EEF members shall be provided with the national Covid-19 regulations of Austria (entry into Austria and hotel regulations in Vienna) on September 27th when all documents are sent out related to the EEF GA. If there are any changes after this date they will be communicated accordingly.