EEF Board videoconference 12.01.2021

Theo Ploegmakers President
Armagan Özgörkey Vice President
Ulf Helgstrand Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
George Dimaras Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Ronan Murphy Chair of the EEF EU Committee
Alan Andabaka Chair of the BEC
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President (excused)
Meeting EEF Board videoconference
Date 12 January 2021
Time 15h00 – 17h00
Location Videoconference
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer

For Information:

  1. Update on 2021 Balkan Championships
    The Chair of the BEC informs the Board that the dates for the 2021 Balkan Dressage & Jumping Championships have been set. Dressage will take place from 03-05 September and Jumping from 15-19 September. Both championships will be hosted by the GRE NF in Thessaloniki. The Balkan Driving Championship is planned to be hosted in Croatia (probably in July) and the Balkan Endurance Championship in Romania (probably in October). The exact dates for Driving and Endurance are still to be confirmed. AÖ also mentions that in 2021 Turkey will host the Nomad Games which includes the discipline of Endurance.
  2. Update EEM
    GD provides an update regarding a recent conversation with EEM on the subject of outstanding payments for the 2019 and 2020 Riders Masters Cup. Action: A separate teleconference shall be organized and attended by TP, AÖ, GD and CM in order to discuss the way forward. (Target timeline: next week)

    Action: A separate teleconference shall be organized and attended by TP, AÖ, GD and CM in order to discuss the way forward. (Target timeline: next week)
  3. Brexit: What we know today
    RM provides an update on the status quo of Brexit after the trade and cooperation agreement had been signed by the EU and the UK on 24 December 2020 following which the UK is now classified as a third country. Long standing agreements which facilitated the frictionless movement of horses, such as the Tripartite Agreement between Irl, UK and France, are no longer valid and instead all equine movements entering and exiting the EU will be governed by the EU Animal Health Law requirements. Discussions on a new agreement (between FRA, IRL and Northern IRL) are already under way. The practical implications of Brexit lie with the various government authorities and it is, at this stage, difficult for the EEF to provide Country specific operational advice or an interpretation of individual countries legislation for our members. It is, however, clear that both parties (the UK and EU) want the horses to move easily. It is now the task of the chief veterinary officers of the various countries to find good solutions. The EEF will continue to work closely with the IHSC Taskforce and to proactively engage with the EU Commission, EU Parliament, DG Santé, Member States Competent Authorities and Veterinary Officials to analyse the impact of the legislative changes arising from both Brexit and the new Animal Health Law and to interpret and present solutions to facilitate the safe and expedient movement of Sport Horses.

    Action: It is agreed that the EEF Communication working group will provide relevant information with regards to Brexit on the EEF website and provide a link through the next EEF Newsletter. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)

  4. Communication plans for 2021
    NS shares the communication plan for 2021 which will include newsletters, president’s messages, activities on the website and further projects. Detailed information can be obtained through the editorial plan.

    Action: EO states that she needs the updated video for the Longines EEF Series which will be provided by NS. (Target timeline: by the end of January)
  5. Brotherhood: The way forward
    CM provides an update on the work of the EEF Brotherhood working group. The TUR NF has provided a draft document which is intended to be finetuned by the group so that it can serve as an example to NFs intending to apply for the new Brotherhood concept. Emphasis shall be put on the very clear definition of goals and the timeframes allocated to reaching those goals. CM is also working on a draft evaluation template. Once ready, both documents will be submitted to the Brotherhood working group for final approval before being sent to all EEF members with the invitation to apply for a project. The Brotherhood working group will then be tasked to evaluate the applications and make a recommendation to the Board on which projects shall be supported. EU funding 3 applications shall be submitted accordingly. Once the projects have been selected, relevant experts need to be contacted and contracted for the projects. CM will travel to the project countries (as soon as the pandemic situation will allow for it) in order to kick-off the projects.

    Action: Finalize application template and evaluation template for approval and distribution. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)
  6. Update on Dressage matters
    UH provides an update on the outcome of the recent teleconference of the EEF Dressage working group.

    Two main topics were discussed, namely
    1) A proposal for the Olympic team qualification of Group C
    2) The riders’ wish to allow for a choice between wearing a top hat or helmet on the top level.

    1) UH will provide the definitive proposal for the Olympic Team Dressage qualification process for Group C to the EEF Board for their approval before sending it to the FEI. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)
    2) It is decided that a survey shall be initiated with EEF member NFs regarding the subject of the top hat / helmet initiative of the IDRC. The survey shall illustrate the pro and con arguments, include the letter of the riding physicians and ask NFs to also consult with their medical committee. A draft of the survey shall be submitted to the Board for approval before distribution to the members. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)
  7. VAT reform
    QS highlights the importance of the VAT reform for the equestrian sector. He informs the Board that the FRA NF President is sending a letter to the EU.

    1) It is agreed that a letter shall be addressed to all EEF members, asking NFs to contact their governments in support of a reduced VAT rate for the equestrian sector. (Target timeline: by the end of this week)
    2) A teleconference with the Portuguese Federation will be organized to discuss how we can get this item on the EU commissions agenda. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February) RM will take the lead for the EEF in this project

For Discussion:

2.1 Proposal for a U25 EU-CH in Jumping

It is agreed that this subject shall be tabled again at the next videoconference of the EEF Board when all Board members had the chance to consult their Jumping representatives in the NF for their opinion.

Action: GD is tasked to address this subject with the EEF Jumping Working Group and provide a proposal to the EEF Board. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)

2.2 FEI Nations Cup Jumping Division 1

It is agreed that TP will send some lines related to this subject to GD so that it can be addressed by the EEF Jumping Working Group.

Action: To be discussed by the EEF Jumping Working Group. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)



2021 EU-CH for Seniors in Dressage and Jumping

SL states that the host agreement with the FEI has not been signed yet as there are still some items being discussed with regards to TV matters. The deadline to sign the host agreements is set for 31 January 2021.

2021 FEI Rule Revisions

Action: The EEF Communication working group is tasked to communicate the deadline of 01 March 2021 in the next EEF newsletter with regards to the need to provide rule change requests to the FEI. (Target timeline: by the end of January)

Group C Olympic Team qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games

Action: A letter with the proposals of Group C team qualification for the disciplines of Dressage, Jumping and Eventing shall be sent to the FEI discipline committees as soon as possible. A proposal for Eventing has not been received from the working group. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)

Electronic Equine Passports

Positive feedback on this subject has been received from 18 NFs with a mandate to further proceed in this direction. RM is requested to further work on this project.

Action: In a next step the Terms of Reference and costs for a feasibility study will be prepared and more information will be provided to the Board. (Target timeline: until the next Board meeting in February)