EEF Board videoconference 11.04.2022

Theo Ploegmakers President
George Dimaras 1st Vice President
Ulf Helgstrand 2nd Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Alice Ward Communications Manager

Teodor Sheytanov

Sport Development Manager
Ronan Murphy EEF EU Committee (excused)
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President (excused)

Alan Andabaka

BEC Chair

Meeting EEF Board videoconference
Date 11 April 2022
Time 15h00 – 18h00
Location Videoconference
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer

For Decision:

1.1 EEF Development Series
The rules for both Dressage and Jumping are approved with comments being made on the Jumping rules regarding invitations, teams of 3 or 2 members, drop score, first round not against the clock and second round against the clock.

The Board unanimously decides to initiate the EEF Development Series (name to be changed) for Jumping and Dressage in 2022 with 3 events in Jumping and 3 events in Dressage. As the time for implementation is very short and the calendar is already full for 2022 these 6 shows will be individual events without qualification towards a Final. The EEF budget for these events for 2022 will be finalized with QS and TS in the coming days. The events in 2022 shall be used to test the concept and optimize it in terms of attractiveness for NFs/athletes and sponsors in 2023. The Communication working group is tasked to finalize a logo and computer graphics for the 6 events in the context of EEF branding and propose a new name.

A full EEF Development series can only be started in 2023 if a sponsor will be found. The Commercial working group is tasked to start looking for a sponsor that would support the series in 2023.

1.2 Updated Balkan Championships Regulations
The EEF Board unanimously approves the regulations for the 2022 EEF Balkan Championships and these rules shall be submitted for FEI approval accordingly

For Information:

2.1  Update on Ukraine
TP provides an update on the situation in Ukraine and on the cooperation between the EEF and FEI to coordinate support for Ukraine. Due to the improved situation in west Ukraine it is now realistic to move horses from war zones to safer zones within Ukraine instead of evacuation into the EU.

It is expected that Ukrainian farmers will be able to have a partial harvest as of June which means that donations of feed and bedding should be focused on the time period until then. With regards to the distribution of donations within Ukraine it would be preferable to concentrate on one or more logistics hubs, ideally one being in Kiev.

The FEI is currently assembling veterinary kits in order to be used for emergency cases and regular veterinary practice in Ukraine because these products cannot be sourced within Ukraine.

If approved by the BEC, Ukrainian athletes shall be allowed to compete in the 2022 Balkan Championships. TS is tasked to work together with the UKR NF regarding a recovery plan for equestrian sport after the war.

2.2  Update Longines EEF Series
EO provides an update on the 2022 Longines EEF Series with a focus on ongoing conversations with the OC of the CSIO Lisbon in Portugal.

2.3  Preparations for EEF General Assembly
The Board reiterates its intention to go ahead with the EEF General Assembly in Poland as it is currently felt that the war in Ukraine will not endanger the safe participation of European delegates at the EEF GA.

2.4  EEF clothing / pins / etc
The Communication working group is tasked to plan and initiate the production of EEF pins and other potential clothing/equipment to be used by EEF representatives at meetings and events.


3.1  FEI elections
The Board tasks CM to contact NFs with a reminder regarding the deadline to apply for open positions on FEI Committees. The deadline for such FEI applications is set for May 1st.

3.2  Next press releases
AW is tasked to share with the EEF members the news regarding the new adoption of the VAT directive by the ECOFIN Council which will allow the member states to apply a reduced VAT rate to live equines and to the supply of services related to live equines.

Furthermore, AW is tasked to remain in close contact with the FEI Communication director regarding future communication on matters related to Ukraine.