EEF Board videoconference 07.06.2022

Theo Ploegmakers President & Chair
George Dimaras 1st Vice-President
Ulf Helgstrand 2nd Vice President 
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative 
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Simone Perillo Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Alice Ward Communication Manager
Teodor Sheytanov Sport Development Manager
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Nadia Kolodchenko Sustainability Expert

1.1 Results of the sustainability ideation phase (high-level plan): presentation followed by Q&A

NK presents the results of the sustainability ideation phase and will share the PowerPoint presentation with the Board members after the meeting. Once the elections for Board Members have been conducted at the 2022 EEF General Assembly it is planned to allocate the responsibility for the sustainability subject to one of the EEF Board Members. 


1.2 Budget for 2022/23

A draft budget for 2022/23 has been shared with the Board and shall be discussed at the next videoconference in July. The proposed increase in membership fees is an essential element of the budget proposal. TP and CM will meet with an accounting company in Zaventem later this week as there is the desire to end the existing accounting cooperation with Deloitte.


2.1 Longines EEF Series 2022 update

EO provides an update on the feedback received on the LES qualifiers that were held in 2022 up to now. The feedback is very positive and some details have been identified that can still be addressed and improved for future seasons. Several additional OCs have expressed their interest in hosting LES events in 2023 but there is currently no possibility to extend the series for next year. It is agreed that one big evaluation meeting shall be held at the end of the LES season where NFs, Chef d’Equipes, OCs, the EEF and Alcor can discuss all details related to the series and further strengthen the common vision for the series. GD is tasked to inform the Secretary General about the desired place, date and time for such meeting so that the organization phase can be initiated. The next task is the calendar for the 2023 season which shall be finalized before the Final in Warsaw in September.


2.2 EEF Evolution events update

QS reports that the proposed rules for the 2023 Evolution League series have been submitted to the FEI within the deadline to facilitate approval by the FEI Board. The first jumping event will be held on the coming weekend. GD is tasked to finalize the contract for OCs so that the financial aspects regarding the EEF contribution can be agreed between the two parties ahead of their event. TS has established a contact with an additional potential sponsor and provided a sponsorship proposal for their consideration.


2.3 Communication/Commercial update

The working group is tasked to submit a written proposal regarding the EEF Horse of the Year Award to the EEF Board for discussion and decision. It is planned to introduce such award for the 2023 EEF General Assembly.


2.4 Preparations for the GA

The Board members are tasked to submit their working group reports to the Secretary General so that the overall management report can be prepared for the EEF General Assembly. The working group Chairs are encouraged to use the new EEF Strategic Plan as a guidance to define the planned course of action of their working group / department to reach the objectives that are defined in the strategic plan. Key performance indicators and the finances that will be required for implementation of the course of actions will be essential so that also the overall budget can be prepared accordingly. 


2.5 Social License project of the FEI

The Board members had received the official press release of the FEI that announced the establishment of the independent “Social License to operate Commission.” A first meeting was held yesterday and the EEF President is a member of the group.  


2.6 Availability of Board members in July & August

Bord members are asked to inform the EEF about their planned vacation absences during the summer so that this can be taken into consideration for the further planning.


2.7 Resignation Ronan Murphy as Chair of the EU Committee

The Board is informed that Ronan Murphy has formally resigned from his position as Chair of the EEF EU-Committee for personal reasons. It is decided that the position shall be opened for applications with immediate effect so that a new chair can be elected at the 2022 EEF General Assembly in September for the term 2022-2026.. 


2.8 Candidates for the EEF Board

The Board is informed about the candidacies that have been received with regards to the upcoming elections at the 2022 EEF General Assembly. This information shall also be shared with all EEF members by tomorrow and posted on the EEF website accordingly. For the President position one application has been received from Theo Ploegmakers (NED). For the three available Board Member positions four applications have been received from Elisabeth Max-Theurer (AUT), Alan Andabaka (CRO), Soenke Lauterbach (GER) and Ulf Brömster (SWE).


3.1 FEI Nations Cup Division 1

The President informs the Board that he has been approached by several NFs that host a Division 1 FEI Nations Cup event with a complaint about the procedure initiated by the FEI with OCs regarding a new contract and change of the current Nations Cup format in Division 1 (changing to one round with a jump-off). 

As part of the regular exchange with the FEI commercial department, the Division 1 OCs had looked for common points to improve the Host agreement for the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup. Besides financial aspects there have been put forward other aspects regarding the sports format as a response to the decline of the series (shows dropping out, declining commercial ROI) and the overdue revision of the concept by the FEI.

It is not correct that the OCs just requested the change of the sports format for one round and jump-off. The points regarding the sports format included the proposal to go back to the super league (8 teams, 6 shows) whereas all results would be counting again and the change to one round and a jump-off in order to better respond to the broadcaster’s demands.

A letter of protest was sent by several Division 1 NFs to the FEI. The EEF Jumping Working Group (in its written recommendation to the EEF Board dated 6.6.2022) and the majority of the EEF Board opposes the proposed changes to the NC format. 

The Board unanimously opposes the governance process that was taken by the FEI in this matter.

OCs are expected to sign the new contract by June 17th at the latest and the EEF shall request to receive information from the FEI on June 18th whether all Division 1 OCs and NFs have signed the new contract. 

The Board unanimously decides that even if the format would be changed for Division 1 it would remain unchanged for the Longines EEF Series.