EEF Board videoconference 05.05.2021

Theo Ploegmakers President
Armagan Özgörkey Vice President
Ulf Helgstrand Vice President
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative
Nayla Stoessel Board Member
Quentin Simonet Board Member (excused)
George Dimaras Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Ronan Murphy EEF EU Comittee (excused)
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Meeting EEF Board videoconference
Date 05 May 2021
Time 15h00 – 17h00
Location Videoconference
Chair Theo Ploegmakers
Minutes Carina Mayer

For Information:

1.1 Update 2021 Longines EEF Series

  • Series Managemento
    • Review Gorla (ITA)
      EO provides a short report on the first qualifier that had been successfully held in Gorla (ITA). The feedback received from Chef d’Equipes, riders and Longines has been positive. VIP arrangements and live-streaming were both available. EO will submit a detailed report in writing.
    • Next qualifiers
      The invitation of LTU to the qualifier is Uggerhalne (DEN) is to be resolved. NFs participating in the series shall receive an email communication from the EEF, outlining the purpose of the Series and the desired composition of teams (young and upcoming talents).
  • Communication
    NS reports on the communication activities around the qualifier in Gorla (ITA) which included press articles, videos, livestreaming, social media postings and interviews. The Board decides that the preferred livestreaming partner for this season shall be ClipMyHorse which has already covered Gorla.


For Discussion :

2.1 Amended financial forecast for the EEF accounting year 2020/21

AÖ provides an updated financial forecast for the remaining quarter of the EEF accounting year 2020/21. Decreased sponsorship income for the 2021 Longines EEF Series and no income related to the Riders Masters Cup are affecting the financial forecast but are, in parts, balanced by decreased expenses related. A new financial reserve is to be budgeted in order to support Longines EEF Series organizers during the pandemic, if necessary. Furthermore, expenses related to live-streaming of the Series events shall also be added to the budget.

2.2 Reining in Europe

The Board discusses a proposal received from the ITA NF and decides that at this stage in which the partnership between the FEI and NRHA is still valid until the 2021 FEI General Assembly (and as it was agreed that there will be no championship this year), the EEF doesn’t wish to participate in the project proposed by the ITA NF. The EEF cannot start a cooperation with NRHA now when the FEI is terminating its cooperation with NRHA. In addition to that the EEF Board is of the opinion that it cannot support an event that is solely run under the auspices and rules of the NRHA.

2.3 European Equestrian Association

A group of equestrian manufacturers is intending to form a non-profit association in order to lobby for its interests. The current intention is to name this association “European Equestrian Association” which is strongly opposed by the EEF because the naming is too close to the EEF name and creates confusion.


3.1 Brotherhood

The NED NF has approached the EEF with the offer to use its Young Leaders Program (YLP) to apply for EU funding and to transfer the concept to other countries. The EEF is currently in discussions with the NED NF on who will be the leading partner in the Erasmus+ funding application.

3.2 Riders Masters Cup

The EEF’s lawyers in Belgium have been tasked to provide legal advice on the process going forward with EEM.

3.3 Pony measuring

The EEF Board decides that a prolongation request shall be sent to the FEI according to which the current derogation shall be extended to the end of 2021 because the pandemic situation doesn’t allow for pony measuring sessions to take place.

3.4 Tokyo 2020

The OC has released the second version of playbooks for athletes and their entourage. The quarantine and testing requirements set forth in the playbooks are creating severe challenges for National Federations that need to be addressed.