EEF Board video conference on 13.12.2022

Theo Ploegmakers President & Chair
George Dimaras 1st Vice-President
Quentin Simonet 2nd Vice President 
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative 
Nayla Stössel Board Member

Elisabeth Max-Theurer

Board Member
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Simone Perillo Board Member 

Alan Andabaka

Board Member
Carina Mayer Secretary General
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Teodor Sheytanov Sport Development Manager
Alice Ward Communications Manager (excused)
Ulf Bromster Sustainability Chair

For Decision:

1.1  EEF Calendar 2023

The Board unanimously approves the EEF calendar for 2023.

1.2  Appointment of Chairs of 2023 EEF Working Groups in Eventing, Endurance, Driving

The Board had sent out an email dated 18.11.2022 requesting the NFs to propose candidates for the WGs in the disciplines of Driving, Endurance, Eventing and V aulting.

After carefully reviewing all candidacies, the Board has decided:

-  to nominate Mrs. Philine Ganders-Meyer (GER) for Eventing and Mrs. Anita Flamand (SUI) for Vaulting as the most suitable candidates for the position of Chair in the respective Working Groups and, thus, to appoint them as Chairs of WG Eventing and of WG Vaulting, respectively.

-  to re-appoint Mr. Quentin Simonet (FRA and EEF Board member) as Chair of WG Endurance and WG Driving.

The newly appointed Chairs are now tasked by the Board to propose the composition of their working groups from the list of candidacies that were received from National Federations for final approval by the Board

For Discussion:

2.1  Longines EEF Series 2023

-  Qualifier(s) region West: GD confirms that there will be only one qualifier for Region West during the 2023 Longines EEF Series and this qualifier will be held in Kronenberg (NED) on the last weekend of May. The final LES calendar can be communicated accordingly.

-  Host agreements: GD informs the Board that the host agreements will be sent out this week (including a reference to the EEF Environmental Code of Conduct) and all OCs that have already organized an event within the LES will receive three year contracts.

- KEP communication to OCs & implementation of the contract: The sponsorship contract with KEP Italia has been signed and shall be communicated to the OCs of the 2023 LES accordingly. Only after this communication to OCs there shall be a press release going out to the EEF members and the wider equestrian community. It is proposed that part of the sponsorship revenue shall be shared with hosting OCs and it is clarified that the exclusivity clause for the sale of helmets is limited to the EEF’s area of influence which is the VIP area and competition arena but not the commercial area.

2.2  NF bans regarding UAE endurance races
It is agreed that TP and QS will further discuss this subject and possibly draft a letter/email addressed to the FEI for prior approval by the Board before being sent.

2.3  EEF Environmental Code of Conduct for LES OCs
Feedback to the proposed CoC has been received from SL and UB and a meeting has been scheduled between NK, SL and UB with the objective of clarifying what is possible for events and what isn’t. The final document resulting from that meeting shall be presented to the EEF Board for approval.

2.4  IGA National Federation Friends
The Board agrees that it is in full support of the activities of the IGA and endorses its “National Federation Friends” program. The EEF will assist in promoting the program but will not be actively involved itself.

For Information:

3.1  Membership request from the International Vaulting Officials Club (IVOC)

CM informs the Board that a membership request has been received from the IVOC which will be presented to the 2023 EEF General Assembly for approval.

3.2  Update Communication & Commercial WG

NS informs the Board that the EEF has contracted the agency THE WORKS to produce the branding for the EEF and has also entered into a partnership with British journalists regarding content production for the 2023 LES.

3.3 Update Dressage WG

The Board unanimously approves the appointment of Maarten van der Heijden (NED) as a member to the temporary EEF Dressage Working Group. The Board also decides that the minutes of working groups shall not be posted on the EEF website but a summary shall be shared with all members in the context of the monthly recap newsletter.

3.4 Update EYLE
CM provides an update on the status quo of the EU-funded program “Equestrian Young Leaders Europe” (EYLE). A first in-person meeting was held with all partners in Zaventem (BEL) and a series of regular Zoom meetings was started in early December 2022. All partners have agreed on the proposed process and on the next steps which are the production of their national plans and education material as well as the marketing/communication material (flyers for the riding schools). The theoretical elements of learning will all be delivered through a digital solution where the children will also receive their badges and progress to the next level(s). A respective IT solution has already been developed and shall be filled with content. Educational elements of sustainability shall be added to all levels of the program and a Zoom meeting will be set-up with UB in order to discuss further details. The overall project implementation strategy will also be presented to the EYLE Steering Group in a Zoom meeting for final approval.


4.1  IOC session

The Board is informed that the IOC is currently reviewing the ban of Russian and Belarussian athletes which might also lead to a review by the FEI. Consequently, National Federations should be prepared to react to the outcome of these reviews.

4.2  Partnership with the University of Wageningen (NED)

The EEF partnership with Wageningen University regarding the carbon footprint analysis of horses is reaching its final stage and a meeting has been set between TP, UB, NK and the University to agree upon a final presentation of the research results to be ready for presentation to the EEF Board in January.

4.3  Meeting with EEF auditors

TP informs the Board that the EEF will change to a project-based accounting as of the financial year 2022/2023.

4.4  Social license discussions in NFs

TP was pleased to report that some NFs have already picked-up the very important subject of the social license for equestrian sport on their national level. An excellent two-days seminar has for example been held by the GER NF and the EEF is in full support of NFs in this approach.