EEF Board video conference on 13.06.2024

Theo Ploegmakers President & Chair
George Dimaras 1st Vice-President
Quentin Simonet 2nd Vice President 
Eleonora Ottaviani Board Member & Athletes Representative 
Nayla Stössel Board Member

Elisabeth Max-Theurer

Board Member 
Soenke Lauterbach Board Member
Simone Perillo Board Member 

Alan Andabaka

Board Member
Teodor Sheytanov Secretary General 
Hanfried Haring EEF Honorary President
Alice Ward Communications Manager 
Ulf Bromster Sustainability Chair

For Decision:

1.1 Minutes from the inperson meeting (April) approval

The minutes are approved.

1.2 Working Group internal regulations

TS sets out the foundation for applying similar principles as the EU Committee for working groups, within the statues. The principle is to create terms for the WG, with a vision and objectives, to formalize their operations. There needs to be a decision on this, and on matters such as the appointment of the chair and the members.

The final version will be shared with the board for a final decision

1.3 Statute updates     

TP gave an update on the statues. Following feedback from the lawyer, the questions raised in the last meeting have been clarified.

Article 22 paragraph 3

The board takes a vote to change the statue.

For Discussion:

2.1 Longines EEF Series

TS provided an overview of the Series’ so far, with statistic on the number of nations, young athletes, young horses competing so far. And outlined the challenges that we are facing, with entry fees, qualification for the GP and accommodation fees for the teams.

A small working group with EO, GD, TS and Alcor to discuss and work on these issues.

TP raises the key issues for the board as the RQ height change, the qualification and the entry fees. 

For information:

3.1 Preparation GA Tallinn (inc vote and athlete representative)

AW gave an update on the organization and the proposal to move to an e-voting system.

The weighted voting system will be checked and confirmed. The scrutineers must be appointed in advance to check this

Athlete representative; currently we do not have an athlete representative. IJRC and IDRC will discuss and must come with a solution.

3.2 Balkan Championships

The initial meeting set for Bulgaria has been postponed, and moved to September during the championships in Istanbul. This meeting is to discuss the MoU.

The driving championships have requested to go from 2 to 3* level, and the FEI sport department have agreed to this but the legal department have not agreed due to the short notice.

3.3 Update on ESDM recruitment

16 applications were received which was shortlisted to 6 with a committee (SP, GS and JP from FEI). Second interviews are happening on the 1st July with selected candidates.

3.4 Longines EEF Series Event Management

Finaliation of the Alcor contract for this year, which continues as per last year. Alcor have raised some questions and this will be reviewed for next season.

3.5 Dropbox access

The board will receive a log in for Dropbox to access the relevant files required for the board.

3.6 Sustainability sponsorship

This week sustainability met in Sweden to clarify the website, the strategy roll out and communication. This includes the NF strategy development and good practice sharing platform.

Following this a very successful sponsorship meeting was held, a workshop will follow to move this into a full sponsorship proposal.

3.7 EU Championships

Following the discussions in the Sport Forum regarding the future of the EU CH, a call was held with the EEF. There is now the potential to cooperation between the EEF and the FEI in this area.


4.1 FEI CES Review

The board discussed the update sent by the FEI regarding the CES review as the update was unclear.

4.2 Secretary General meeting

TS to set a new date for this meeting and discuss the FEI rule changes. Likely 15th August.

4.3 Budget update

TP will send an updated budget before sending to the members.