EEF Green Policy

EEF – European Equestrian Federation is the representative body for the 40 European based National Equestrian Federations. EEF is committed to promoting the sport equestrianism and its good practices, developing the sport across Europe, and providing leadership for a collective European voice in the sport.

The EEF recognises that our sport has an impact on the environment. Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time alongside biodiversity loss and pollution. Sport plays an important role as part of the solution and equestrian sport is no exception.  The EEF environmental vision is to ‘inspire through action and advocate to deliver meaningful positive environmental change within the European equestrian community and beyond. 

The EEF aims to realise its vision by addressing the environmental impacts of the products, creating insights that enact change and promoting a culture of sustainability within the equestrian community.

Specifically, the EEF aims to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Promote responsible resource use;
  • Encourage waste reduction focusing on minimisation and reuse before recycling and disposal;
  • Promote responsible water consumption;
  • Protect local biodiversity;
  • Promote technological advances and innovations; and
  • Create a fair and just ethical standard.

The EEF aims to incorporate the principles of the United Nations Sport for Climate Action initiative and work collaboratively with other sport bodies to identify and spotlight climate solutions. 

The first step is to understand what the impacts are and to support the equestrian community in improving its sustainability performance.

The EEF will work with the equestrian community, event organisers, sponsors and other stakeholders to comply with the EEF Green Policy Statement.

The EEF Board is responsible for the EEF Green Policy Statement.


Signed:  EEF Board

December 2022