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EEF Endurance Working Group chair in dialogue about the discipline Endurance

In the beginning of the year 2019, the EEF had established the Endurance Working Group in order to define principles, proposals and a vision for the future of the much discussed discipline.

By being active with very valuable contributions, the EEF Endurance Working Group's work is recognized not only in Europe but also on a international scale as one of the leading voices.

On June 3rd, Quentin Simonet, Chairman of the EEF Endurance working group, has been invited to share the European vision within a TV show from YAS TV, a recognized TV channel in the Middle East regarding sport and especially equestrian sport. The further participants of the televised panel discussion were representatives from UAE Equestrian Federation, Dr. Khalid Hassan from the Federation of Bahrain, Heber Viana Director of the Endurance discipline from the Uruguayan NF and Tarek Taher from Saudi Arabia who is not only FEI athletes' representative but also member of the FEI Endurance Temporary Committee (herein after called "ETC").

Quentin Simonet reaffirmed the EEF priorities regarding Endurance's future and the EEF's position regarding the FEI ETC proposals. First of all, to face uncompromisingly the core of the shortcomings and deficits within the Endurance discipline : rule violation in form of cheating, doping and corruption and also lack of application of the existing rules. Only by this essential admission and confession there can be reconstructed a sustainable future for this discipline. Not only have rules to be applied and respected by the entire Equestrian sports community, but in case of disrespect strict sanctions have to be imposed. The correct rule application is a fundamental precondition for fair and clean sport with honest competitions.

Only once these problems will be faced, it will be possible to approach them on the basis of real facts and figures and a proper analysis of how to improve sport regulations can be done. With this statements the EEF expects the FEI stakeholders - and therefore referring to the entire Equestrian community including itself - to prioritize its action plan. The EEF takes the opportunity to remind that nevertheless in most current practice Endurance is a real sports discipline on a fair and progressive way from the grassroot movement to the top level, with the key combination of paramount importance, namely the combination of an educated rider and a well trained horse.

The transmission (in Arabic) can be seen here.



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The EFF’s responsibility does not end by LEADING, regulating traditional equestrian disciplines; our vision extends to PROMOTING the values and contribution of equestrianism, encouraging and PROVIDING EDUCATION based on a foundation of fair, safe competition and the welfare of its human and equine athletes by working together with all independent member bodies for the DEVELOPMENT of the sport, throughout Europe.

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