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16.09.2019 - Longines Brotherhood Program

The Longines brotherhood program powered yet another seminar, which was held at the SIEC riding centre of Istanbul, Turkey, on September 3th and 4th 2019.

The seminar was lead by Teodor Sheytanov (BUL) and hosted friendly by the Turkish Equestrian Federation. Ten participants from North Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan and Turkey aimed at improving their jumping judging knowledge and to compare notes with their colleagues from abroad within these two days. The seminar mainly consisted in presenting and discussing their homework - a technical questionnaire which had to be done in order to challenge everybody's knowledge of the FEI jumping rules.

EEF president, Theo Ploegmakers and EEF vice president Armagan Özgörkey were also present at the seminar and witnessed the educational course. At the end of the seminar, after evaluation of written and practical level of knolwedge seven out of ten participants have been recommended to be promoted to national jumping judge.

Read more about Longines Brotherhood Program.

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