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02.12.2019 - International Forum "horse & I" on equine welfare held in Ukraine

International forum "horse & I" on equine welfare held in Ukraine

kiev, 26 to 27 November 2019


EEF President, Theo Ploegmakers, was invited as honorary guest to assist to the forum "horse & I" dedicated to equine welfare in order to introduce Europe's standpoint. The Forum brought together top Ukrainian and international equestrian experts in order to raise discussion on the moral and ethical aspects of equestrian sports, as well as veterinary and educational issues. Over the two days, more than 200 people attended the event and took part in the discussion of urgent and critical issues of the equestrian world of Ukraine.

Along with selected key notes, there was also the presentation of some practical measures that had been taken, such as a newly launched communication platform in Ukraine encouraging and facilitating the dialogue in favour of an ethical correct equestrian sport. The Kyiv Region Equestrian Federation (KREF) and “Ukrainian Horse Union” Charitable Fund being at its origin.

“We called our Forum “Horse & I” for a reason. After all, it is each one of us, including myself, who must bear responsibility for the welfare of horses and the way we treat them. Change starts with every single one of us,” said the KREF President Andriy Bilyy when addressing the participants.

Theo Ploegmakers underlined the Europe's will to support: “These three topics - ethics, education and veterinary medicine - are extremely interconnected. Leaving out one of them, we cannot talk about the complete welfare of the horse. In order for Ukraine to become a full-fledged member of the European equestrian world, we are ready to further strongly support such initiatives of KREF and of the Ukrainian equestrian community, to pass down the knowledge and share the experience of European federations”.

The forum concluded with a concrete action plan elaborated by experts and participants and tackling three main areas identified as ethics, veterinary issues and education.

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