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16.06.2020 - EEF EU Committee - update June 2020

EEF EU Committee - focus on brexit and EU Animal health law

The EEF EU Committee is a permanent Committee for handling EU matters relevant to the EEF. The Committee meets on a monthly basis and key focus areas include:

  • Liaison and interaction with the European Commission and Parliament, and relevant organisations including the EHN (European Horse Network);
  • Facilitating communication and exchange of information with EEF Member Federations.

Current focus areas include:
EU Consumer law; CAP (and the position of the equine industry); EU Animal Health Law and Brexit; Identification of Equidae legislation; Equine welfare; Insurance; Transport; Health; etc.

Current Committee Members:
Ronan Murphy (IRL) (Interim Chair); Catherine Bonnichon de Rancourt (FR); Dr. Klaus Miesner (GER) and Gianluigi Giovagnoli (ITA).

To enhance the communication process on a range of important EU matters, we are asking each Member Federation to nominate one person as a point of contact specifically for EU matters and to please provide contact details to Carina before Friday 26th June.

IHSC Taskforce for Brexit and EU Animal Health Law

The IHSC Taskforce for Brexit and EU Animal Health Law has been formed to facilitate systems and processes to ensure the smooth and bio-secure border crossing and movements for Sport Horses and Thoroughbred Horses.

The primary role of the IHSC Taskforce is to analyse the impact of proposed amendments to the current movement regulations on the Equine industry and to devise and present solutions and models which would preserve the unfettered movement of Thoroughbred and Sport Horse (Competition, Training and Breeding Animals) across the EU and in particular between the EU and the United Kingdom post Brexit and the implementation of the EU AHL

The current regulations governing the movement of equines within the EU are subject to change due to Brexit, the implementation of the new EU Animal Health Legislation (EU AHL) and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry.

The IHSC Taskforce was formed on 01st May and is a tangible example of the value of the joint-collaboration between the FEI and the IFHA, representing the Sport Horse and Thoroughbred Sectors, thereby providing a very powerful platform for the combined European Equestrian Industry. The Taskforce meets on a weekly basis and are focussed on the following key strategic pillars:

  • Ensuring that the European Horse Industry is on the agenda of the negotiations.
  • Developing a comprehensive dossier to demonstrate the importance of the industry and present a package of solutions including initiating a process towards inclusion of a High Health Breeding (HHB) framework in the OIE Terrestrial Code.
  • Raising awareness and support within all EU Member States and GBR for the importance of the industry and the proposed solutions pit forward.

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