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16.06.2020 - Balkan Equestrian Council - update June 2020

Balkan Equestrian Council - willingness to keep the 2020 Balkan Championships going

The respective Balkan Equestrian Council (BEC) members from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey were present at the BEC teleconference, on June, 16th.

Members expressed their concerns regarding the new FEI policy for organization of event under Covid-19 and the respective financial and organizational operating expenses. Nevertheless, there was an unanimous position taken to do all necessary efforts to run the Balkan Championsips in 2020. The representatives of the NFs have agreed to disburden the organizers partly from costs in relation to teams and team members and to bear them respectively.

The Bulgarian NF got a governmental approval for the organisation of international competitions. Subject to the condition that the EEF would make an exception in the Balkan R&R allowing them to hold the Balkan Championships with 3 nations and 3 teams present.

The current planning is as follows:

  • BALKAN Jumping CH in Zhitnitsa BULGARIA from 03.-06.09.2020.
    With a CSI on the weekend before CH. **Date to be confirmed after final information on possible EU jumping CH for youngsters in Portugal in the end of August. Optional dates are then 10.-13.09.2020.

  • BALKAN Dressage CH in Tsaratsovo BULGARIA from 10-13.09. With a CDI the weekend before CH.

  • BALKAN Endurance CH in Russe, BULGARIA from 02.-04.10.2020.

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