There shall be a permanent EU-committee for handling EU-matters relevant to the EEF. The mission and composition of the EU-Committee is decided by the General Assembly. Other Permanent Committees may be decided by the General Assembly. The members of Permanent Committees are elected by the General Assembly. Members of Permanent Committees are elected for a term of four years and may be elected a maximum number of three times.

Temporary Ad Hoc Committees may be decided by the Board or the General Assembly for particular purposes. The members of Temporary Ad Hoc Committees are appointed by the Board. The duration of the mandate of members of Temporary Ad Hoc Committees is decided by the Board and has to be explicitly mentioned in the nomination decision.

Representative stakeholder associations can send a representative to the meetings of the Permanent and Ad Hoc Committees. The meetings of the Committees are open. The date and place of meetings of the Committees will be announced on the EEF website.

EU Committee

Bo Helander (SWE) – Chair
Jacky Buchmann (BEL)
Klaus Miesner (GER)

Frank Spadinger (AUT)
Catherine Bonnichon (FRA)

Brotherhood and Development

Theo Ploegmakers (NED) – Chair
George Dimaras (GRE)
Ulf Helgstrand (DEN)
Dorottya Strobl (HUN)


Hanfried Haring – Chair
Otto Becker (GER)
Iain Graham (GBR)
Rob Ehrens (NED)
Henk Nooren (NED)
Marco Fuste (ESP)
Soenke Lauterbach (GER)
Eleonora Ottaviani (MON & IJRC)
Claude Nordmann (SUI)
Stephan Ellenbruch (ISJC)
Peter Bollen (IEOA)


Ulf Helgstrand (DEN) – Chair

Carl Hester (GBR)

Linda Keenan (GBR)

Kyra Kyrklund (FIN)

Olivier Smeets (BEL)

Eva-Maria Vint-Warmington (EST)


Mike Etherington Smith (GBR) – Chair
Constantin van Rijckevorsel (BEL)
David Lee (IRL)
Philine Ganders-Meyer (GER)
Lars Christennson (SWE)
Kroum Rachkov (BUL)
Michel Asseray (FRA)
Tom Ryckewaert (BEL)


Quentin Simonet (FRA) – Chair
Jan Devaere (BEL)
Chris Smith (GBR)
Friedrich Otto-Erley (GER)
Zsuzsi Mityko (HUN)
Franz Schiltz (LUX)
Ad Aarts (NED)
Matthieu Landers (SUI)

Str. Planning & Marketing

Soenke Lauterbach – Chair
Emanuele Castellini (ITA)
Theo Ploegmakers (NED)
Armagan Özgörkey (TUR)
Eleonora Ottaviani (MON & IJRC)
Nayla Stössel (SUI)

Upcoming Events

Nov '18 16
FEI General Assembly in Bahrain
Nov '18 18
EEF Extraordinary General Assembly in Bahrain
Dez '18 01
Riders Masters Cup in Paris (FRA)

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